The RO Web Awards Sale

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 RO Massive Sale, news taken from: 

Citizens of Midgard!

Thank you so much for all the support you have given Level Up! in the 10 th Philippine Web Awards! To show you our appreciation, we will be having a MASSIVE RO HYPERMART SALE tomorrow for two whole weeks!!!

Starting tomorrow, after Server Maintenance, you can check out our wide selection of great bargains in our Hypermart. Just to give you a taste of what is to come, here’s a list of the Consumables we will have on sale:

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Grab A Golden Kit For A Golden Week!, Win 5 days “MORE” EXP/SOUL MOD for your server!

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According to the Perfect World Boards one of the servers could win an extended mod of exp and soul for another week.

PW Boards

We won! We won! We Won!

Thank you very much Perfect World Champions for supporting Level-Up at the 2007 Philippine Web Awards!

The EXP and SOUL mod will be activated on November 28 at 12:00 NN (Wednesday) till December 3 at 12:00 NN (Monday).

But that’s not all! We’re offering you 5 days more of EXP and SOUL mod in 3 easy steps!

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Lian Meng Clan Guidelines/Rules and Regulations

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as posted @ PW Forums

Clan Ranks:

>2nd in command, if Clan Master is not Around.

>Helps Members to their quest such as MiniBoss/Boss/DungeonQuest etc.

>Guild Inviter
>Maintain Peace and Order of our clan.

Treasurer/PartyOrganizer: LadyAmfz – Yuling

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Level Up! wins in the 10th Philippine Web Awards

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According to Kiven’s blog:

It’s official. Level Up! is the best lifestyle and leisure website according to the event judges AND according to the voting public. We’ve proven once again that we are the premier online gaming company in the Philippines.
On behalf of Level Up!, I’d like to say a big “Thank you” to our dedicated community and supporters. Enjoy your in-game rewards!.

Editor in Chief,

We get to have:

Ragnarok Online – Massive Item Mall Sale for 2 weeks
Perfect World – 1.5x EXP and Soul Mod for 5 days.

Coalescence Chronicle “Chaos Unleashed” 1

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Coalescence Chronicle

Call me Galahad-X and this is their story…..

I mounted my grand peco, geared up my thick brazen armor snugly, and kissed my cross. The four division are already stationed behind the walls of the agit and were preparing for the onslaught, yet their leaders were not there. The guild leaders have conferred with each other atop the citadel were they can see a full view of the enemy lines along the field and they set plans for the defense. There was a problem, one division under Pj Blog lacked persons, Lord Obelisk, Fuujin, Miska, Kaiser were not there. And Sir Jonathan the Paladin was riding through and fro around asking for Mishka along the hubbub. Proffessor Win, beside him was Sakura Naomi a lord knight, adviced everyone to wait, The High Priests were now ready except for Fuujin and Mishka which were absent .

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