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Added (and fixed) RPC Videos links. To those who want to add or contribute more videos of Coalescence, please post the link at the comments. Thanks and enjoy watching. ^^

Rok’omania 2007

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Good news Rok Stars!

We’re having a kick-off party for the most prestigious online gaming tournament – the Ragnarok Philippine Championships! Head on over to Robinson’s Pioneer and get a chance to win in-game items and Ragnarok Online merchandise! ROK’OMANIA will feature the SUMO PORING Tournament, wherein you can win cash prizes. The main event is the RPC Grudge match. Previous RPC Contenders will slug it out in PVP – RPC style! You can also win prizes in the Ragna Raffle – all you have to do is to buy top-up cards at the event and you get stubs for the grand raffle!
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1. The AGIT LORDS tournament will run from May 24, 2007, until September 6, 2007.
2. All guilds are qualified to join the tournament.
3. The top 4 Agit Lord guilds with the highest scores by September 6, 2007, will face off with the top 4 Wild Card guilds to determine the Server Champion.
4. To gain points, guilds must occupy GLORY AGITS, which are highlighted in GREEN. Total points gained are also affected by the economy and safeguard of the conquered Glory Agit. See below for the official list of Glory Agits and the official point system:
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Ragnarok World Championships 2007

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IPB Image

“The most persistent sound which reverberates through men’s history is the beating of war drums.” -Arthur Koestler, Janus: A Summing Up

The blaring sounds of war trumpets echoes throughout the battlefield. As the heavy war drums pound endlessly into the night, the clarion call to war is loud and clear. The road to immortality and glory has begun! The Ragnarok Philippine Championships 2007 (RPC) is finally here!

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Server Merge Mechanics

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Good day Rok Stars!

You’ve read about it on the forums, blogs, and various websites. However today it becomes 100% official! The pRO Team is happy to announce that the much talked-about Server Merge will finally happen on May 17, 2007! Servers will be down starting Midnight of May 16, and we are anticipating a 20-hour downtime while the Gravity Engineers, who flew all the way from South Korea, work on the servers. The Server Merge website will be up by Thursday, May 17, 2007.
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