Coalescence Chronicle “Chaos Unleashed” 1

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Coalescence Chronicle

Call me Galahad-X and this is their story…..

I mounted my grand peco, geared up my thick brazen armor snugly, and kissed my cross. The four division are already stationed behind the walls of the agit and were preparing for the onslaught, yet their leaders were not there. The guild leaders have conferred with each other atop the citadel were they can see a full view of the enemy lines along the field and they set plans for the defense. There was a problem, one division under Pj Blog lacked persons, Lord Obelisk, Fuujin, Miska, Kaiser were not there. And Sir Jonathan the Paladin was riding through and fro around asking for Mishka along the hubbub. Proffessor Win, beside him was Sakura Naomi a lord knight, adviced everyone to wait, The High Priests were now ready except for Fuujin and Mishka which were absent .

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The Coalescence Chronicle “The Dungeon 5”

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Coalescence Chronicle

The Dungeon 5

Call me Galahad-X and this is their story…..

“Obelisk is out their with the Dark illusion! “Kaiser said heavily breathing looking down as if stupefied, He straightened himself,” But—Jayson hurry up! there is another way, hurry!”.

The three just glanced at him in wander; down at the deep cavern loud explosions could be heard shaking the walls of the cave.

“Alright just give me time, it’s somewhere here”. Jayson scanned the dusty expanse of the walls for codices and signs, the tip of his staff lighted faintly revealing the dark relief of ghastly figures carved on the walls.

“Stand back, I found it”! The wizard stepped back and he stretch his staff overhead, “Aprersi!” His staff lighted with fiery red light; and swung it as if to pierce the wall with a lance. It hit a small crevice which instantaneously flamed, sending sparks of cinders everywhere and melted the surrounding stones of the walls, eating away a large section of it, revealing an open dark passage of narrow crumbling steps which seems to wind itself upward.

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A Choice

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United Chaos is a grand ambition, a noble one at that, to unite those who were once adversaries in memory of the motherland. It is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent our mother server as a united front, to patch up past differences, to bury the hatchet, and after 3 years of warfare, to stand as one. The concept, the very idea itself deserves admiration; it is a grand scheme worthy of the server we once called home.

Freedom, it is the very essence of this grand concept, this concept of a United Chaos. Unity is achieved through commitment, and for one to commit he must choose to do so, ultimately this choice must be freely made, one cannot commit to a cause if he was coerced or forced to do so.

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Road to Server Champions

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This commentary is made by Lord_Obelisk alone so if ever there was any

misinterpretation or correction or any violent reaction among the readers do not blame

the entire guild.

Addition – I would add the images and the links for the RPC videos

later because I use dial up here at home and it would take forever to load all the

images so I’ll do it later when I am at school


Never did we expect that we would be in the situation we are today. To represent chaos

as server champion is really an honor that we didn’t think would be possible. At the

very beginning of Agit Lords Coalescence didn’t even have any intention of running for

AL. A few months before AL came around January of this year we were already discussing

what our plans would be for this’ years RPC. The decision that some of the members have

concluded is this, we won’t be joining Agit Lords or Wild Cards for this year and we

would just support whatever faction we would join in and we’ll make a team that would

run in the regionals.

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