Episode 15 ~ Rachel Patch Download Now Available!

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Great News Citizens of Midgard!

The latest installment in Ragnarok’s game expansion Episode XV – Rachel is now available for download. You don’t need an installer just need this 63mb download file and you’ll be ready to experience Rachel ~ The City of Freya. Explore what the City of a Goddess has to offer. ^^

How to Install:
1. You must have Ragnarok Online Episode XIV: Hugel installed in your PC.
Download Episode XV: Rachel through this link:
2. Once completed, open the downloaded file by double clicking it.
3. Specify the folder where Ragnarok Online is installed and click “Install”
4. Once done, you’re ready for Rachel on September 5! Worry not that it will affect your old installer. You can still play the Hugel version even if the Rachel files are installed.
5. On September 5, the Rachel patch you installed earlier will be activated! Click on pRO Game Icon and you can now explore the wonders of Rachel… Log in and Enjoy!

Rok on!!!


Ragnarok’s Fantastic @ 4!

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Woohoo Rok Stars~!

Let’s Celebrate Ragnarok’s Fantastic 4 years in the Philippines! Thank you for being part of the Legend of Ragnarok. Here’s our present to you. Everyone who coverts load to either Game Time or Rok Points from August 15 – September 26 will get Anniversary Exclusive Gift Boxes in-game! Grab the chance to get something really special. Check out how to claim your gifts below. You just might be lucky and get any of the following items:

o OPB Items

and if you’re really lucky… laugh.gif
o Star dust blade
o Ballista
o Unholy touch
o Staff of soul
o Vesper core 1~4
o Valkyrie armor
o Valkyrie helmet
o Valkyrie shoes
o Valkyrie manteau
o Valkyrie shield
o Ice Pick

So what are you waiting for? Go get your gifts and open them now!

Happy Anniversary!
pRO Team

How to redeem items

1. If you converted credits before the prize claim cut-off time (3:00PM) you can claim your prize in-game through the Cool Event NPC, Torsen located at Alberta (148, 60) within the day.

Ex. Carlo converted 500 game time at 8:30AM on August 15. Carlo can get his pRO Anniversary Gift Boxes from Torsen anytime after 6:00 PM on August 15.

2. If you converted credits after the prize claim cut-off time (3:00PM) you can claim your prize in-game through the Cool Event NPC, Torsen located at Alberta (148, 60) anytime after 6:00 PM the next day.

Ex. Carlo converted 500 game time at 4:00PM on August 15. Carlo can get his pRO Anniversary Gift Boxes from Torsen anytime after 6:00PM on August 16.

3. A confirmation message will appear in your MyLU inbox

• Gift Box is Item Locked (It may not be stored(Kafra or Cart), dropped, exchanged or sold)
• Only credit conversion of 100, 250 and 500 can avail of this promo.
• Top up conversion made since August 15 can still be claimed through Torsen.

Anniversary Gift Box Allocation

500 credit conversion : 12 Anniversary Gift Boxes
350 credit conversion : 7 Anniversary Gift Boxes
100 credit conversion : 2 Anniversary Gift Boxes

Hmmm….. Another marketing gimick by LU!. Good idea though. Hope that I get a rare item. 😀

Congratulations Wild Card Nominees!

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Congratulations to all the Nominees!

Your guild is now a step closer to becoming you Server’s Representative. But for the top 5 guilds of each server we have something more in store for your guild. Prizes are the following;

1st Place: Choose either 1 Sleipnir or 1 Brysingamen
2nd Place: 1 Tao Gunka card
3rd place: 1 +7 very very very strong House Auger
4th Place: 1 Gleipnir
5th Place: 500 Old Card Album

To claim your prizes simply comply with below;
1. You must be the guild master of the winning guild before you can apply.
2. E-mail [email protected] with the following info:
• Server
• Guild
• Character Name
• Place and Prize choice
3. A confirmation e-mail will be sent along with when you can expect your prize.

RPC ’07 Here we come!
Rok On!

One of our guilds placed no. 4!!! 

Item Dupe Compensation for Pending Cases

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After our Dupe Wipe compensation, we are proud to announce that we have processed 90% of those who filed tickets/requests. Still, there are pending cases which we cannot process due to some limitations in the records and the database.

However, we are pleased to announce that we will be awarding zenny commensurate to the value of the items lost by players with pending cases involving the dupe wipe. We have scheduled our awarding to finish by September 19, 2007. We call on everyone affected by this to be patient. Zenny amount shall be at the discretion of the investigating Game Master (GM) as supervised by the pRO Game Manager.

We apologize to all who have been inconvenienced by this matter especially to those who have been waiting for some time now. We assure you that we are doing the best we can to root out the cause of this problem permanently. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Should you have any other inquiries or questions, feel free to contact our Customer Support at www.levelupsupport.ph

Rok On!

Hurry up Level Up!!! Time is wasting!

Siege and Agit Scoring cancelled last night

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Citizens of Midgard,

Please be advised that the scoring and siege for tonight for the Ragnarok Philippine Championships will be postponed to this Saturday, August 11, 2007. The siege tonight will have no bearing and it will be rolled back to the original state on Saturday. This is mainly because of technical problems with our data restoration for the Agit Ownership. We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to everyone.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

pRO Team

“They could have upped the server earlier if they took down the server earlier. The servers were down at 6:30pm when they should have took it down 30-minutes ago.”