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1. The AGIT LORDS tournament will run from May 24, 2007, until September 6, 2007.
2. All guilds are qualified to join the tournament.
3. The top 4 Agit Lord guilds with the highest scores by September 6, 2007, will face off with the top 4 Wild Card guilds to determine the Server Champion.
4. To gain points, guilds must occupy GLORY AGITS, which are highlighted in GREEN. Total points gained are also affected by the economy and safeguard of the conquered Glory Agit. See below for the official list of Glory Agits and the official point system:

Color Legend Agit Designation
High Defense Prosperity
Low Defense Trust
Very Low Defense Destiny
Normal Glory
Agit Location Map Position


Leprion gef_fild13.gat 214 71 Lower Left
Jyolbriger gef_fild13.gat 303 239 Upper Right
Yssnelf gef_fild13.gat 148 243 Upper left
Bergel gef_fild13.gat 196 271 Center
Melcedez gef_fild13.gat 249 51 Lower Right


Neuschwanstein alde_gld.gat 45 92 Lower Left
Hohenschwangau alde_gld.at 102 250 Upper Left
Nuernberg alde_gld.gat 146 88 Center
Wurzburg alde_gld.gat 236 239 Upper Right
Rothenburg alde_gld.gat 268 87 Lower Right


Kriemhild prt_gld.gat 141 60 Lower Left
Swanhild prt_gld.gat 236 132 Lower Right
Lazreagues prt_gld.gat 147 133 Center
Skoegul prt_gld.gat 125 236 Upper Left
Kendul prt_gld.gat 195 236 Upper Right

Danau Greenwood

Myung-Jung pay_gld.gat 125 232 Upper Left
Chun-Dan pay_gld.gat 296 120 Lower Right
Bool-Young pay_gld.gat 317 290 Upper Right
Hong-Roo pay_gld.gat 137 165 Lower Left
Jukk-Rim-Hyun pay_gld.gat 194 267 Center
Agit of Glory Tuesday (Points) Thursday (Points) Saturday (Points)
Eco+Def (1~150) 1 1 2
Eco+Def (151~199) 3 3 6
Eco+Def (200) 5 5 10

*Points vary per day of the siege. Saturday sieges give more points than Tuesday and Thursday sieges.
5. PROSPERITY AGITS, which are highlighted in BLUE, give the following rewards to the guildmaster if they occupy the agit after the siege. The prize list and the activation of PROSPERITY AGITS will be announced in due time.
6. DESTINY AGITS, which are highlighted in VIOLET, give prizes depending on the dice you roll. Within an hour after the siege ends, a GM will summon the Guildmaster. To prevent hacking, the GM will be the one to roll the dice to determine if the Guildmaster wins the prize or not. The prize list and the activation of DESTINY AGITS will be announced in due time.
7. TRUST AGITS, which are highlighted in RED, give prizes to random members of the guild. Prizes will be inserted during maintenance and the GM Team will send a message to the Guildmaster of the winning guild informing him which of his members got the prize.
8. Throughout the course of the tournament, the GM Team can announce missions which guilds can accomplish to gain more points or to win in-game items or merchandise.

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