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Perfect World’s Dusk Palace

Perfect World’s Dusk Palace
Date Posted: Apr. 04, 2008

Source http://perfectworld.levelupgames.ph/news_m…ews.html?id=147

An ancient evil buried for thousands of years, a country once ruled by a great dynasty, and the artifact that holds an unspeakable power…

Will soon rise again.

Prepare to be drawn deeper into Perfect World’s dark past with its most awaited update, Dusk Palace.

The mystery unfolds in a western area of the continent where a buried path leading to an ancient underground was discovered. Rumor has it that found within is a treasure trove of riches, and a library which holds pages of secrets to a powerful ritual called the Wheel of Fate. It is said that by performing this ceremony, it unleashes an evil power which can eradicate massive armies instantaneously.

Perfect World: Dusk Palace offers a whole new atmosphere as it brings players to explore the darker realms of the game. New enemies are also abound which introduces a selection of powerful monsters and bosses to fight. Fates can now be decided as well with multiple paths that will lead players to different outcomes.

One day when the sun sets to the west in Perfect World, expect to find the Dusk Palace all risen once again.

Dusk Palace

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