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Merry EXP-mas!

Tis’ the season to be jolly fa lalalala la la la la~
Deck the halls with
LOTS OF EXP fa lalalala la la la la~

Merry Christmas, one and all! It’s the RagnaHolidays and we’ve got a great gift FOR YOU!

From December 12-26, we’ll be giving EXP BONUSES like never before! Check below for the gift that applies to you:
Valkyrie, Valhalla – 3x Exp
Urdr – 4x Exp PLUS Field Manual and Bubblegum Sale (400 RokPoints)
Baldur, Tyr, Freya – 2x Exp PLUS Field Manual and Bubblegum Sale (400 RokPoints) PLUS 2x Exp on BIOLABS 2 and 3 MONSTERS!!!

Merry EXP-mas to all! And to all a Good Game! /no1

As a guide, here’s the list of all Biolabs 2 and 3 monsters with 2x Exp:

Assassin Cross Eremes
MasterSmith Howard
High Wizard Kathryne
High Priest Margaretha
Lord Knight Seyren
Sniper Cecil
Egnigem Cenia

Eremes Guile
Howard Alt-Eisen
Kathryne Keyron
Margaretha Sorin
Seyren Windsor
Cecil Damon

Egnigem Cenia
Errende Ebecee
Armeyer Dinze
Kavach Icarus
Wickebine Tres
Laurell Weinder



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