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Lucky Star Challenge


Try your luck at winning Soul stones at the Lucky Star Challenge!

Event Duration: December 12 – 19

Trading Schedule: Every 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

• Trade in your Triple Star helmet with the Game Moderators for its Soul stone equivalent every 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM during every event period.
• Fall in line in front of the GM once he/she appears and wait for your turn to trade. After trading please walk away to leave room for the next player in line.
• There are no limits on the amount of “qualified” items you can trade.
• Players that disrupt the awarding in anyway will be dealt with harshly. A minimum of 1 week ban.
*Items traded will not be returned.
*Both Helmets and Crowns are allowed.
*Item must have a “crafted by” suffix.

Trading Posts:
• Beside the Alchemist Qui Changyan, East of Sand Village (132, 469)
• Beside the Alchemist Chang Xan, North of Logging Shed (497, 972)

Lucky Star Trade Rate:

Try your luck, you just might be born under a lucky star. ^_~

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