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Lian Meng Clan Guidelines/Rules and Regulations

as posted @ PW Forums

Clan Ranks:

>2nd in command, if Clan Master is not Around.

>Helps Members to their quest such as MiniBoss/Boss/DungeonQuest etc.

>Guild Inviter
>Maintain Peace and Order of our clan.

Treasurer/PartyOrganizer: LadyAmfz – Yuling

>Treasurer will take all Molds/Rares/3stars Equips and will report to me via Clan Chat/1:1 Pm or by Mail.
>Any Rares will be kept, and we will have a agreement on the Party[s] who will keep the item. If he Alreaady had his chance, it will be given to other members.


Guild Invites:
>Any Ranked members can invyt someone but…
1>You Know the person.
2>Pleasing Personality
3>Register in our boards and validated by our moderator/admin.


Clan Quests
>For all members who have troubles with their Quest, Pls always remember these:
1>Check if there are Yuling(s) Online and they have the capability of supporting you.(Mid-HighLevel)
2>Look for a Party that also have the same Quest.
3>Always make a party of 6, dont be a suicidal.


>Ratio for Questors and Helpers
1>3High levels + 3Questors.
2>2High levels + 4Questors.


Clan Title
>Anyone can have their own title as long as:
1>It has 4 letters Maximum Characters.
2>Not Vulgar.


>Only Ranked Members are allowed to use CAPS lock on guild chat.
>Members are only allowed to use CAPS lock on the following conditions.
1>They will announce important message to the guild.
2>If its an Emergency.

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