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A Choice

United Chaos is a grand ambition, a noble one at that, to unite those who were once adversaries in memory of the motherland. It is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent our mother server as a united front, to patch up past differences, to bury the hatchet, and after 3 years of warfare, to stand as one. The concept, the very idea itself deserves admiration; it is a grand scheme worthy of the server we once called home.

Freedom, it is the very essence of this grand concept, this concept of a United Chaos. Unity is achieved through commitment, and for one to commit he must choose to do so, ultimately this choice must be freely made, one cannot commit to a cause if he was coerced or forced to do so.

To this extent we are exercising our freedom to choose, and in this case we choose not to join United Chaos. We respect and admire the idea of a United Chaos, yet to bury the hatchet is to disregard our principles, to unite is to give up those things which we stand for.

Reasons for such a decision happened due to the indifferences between us and some of United Chaos allied guilds and most importantly, standing by the guilds’ principle. It was never an easy decision for us especially when Armada decided to join UC as Wild Card, but we had to do what we think is right. It was also not the 3 guilds’ councils alone to decide, even majority of its respective members showed lack of interest in joining UC and demanded a protest if such an event occurred. In the end, it’s better to heed the members stand than to force ourselves into joining a faction where there is a greater risk of not only losing our pride but losing majority of our members as well. To a guild, its members are most important, not the leaders but their members. They are the ones that hold the guild together. Certainly this is how we feel about our own members.

With all that said, we have made into an agreement to support Godsmack as its flagbearer for the upcoming AL. Even though we may lack in numbers compared to United Chaos and United Loki, we share common goals – and that is to show Baldur that there are still guilds that make a stand for themselves, guilds that will still fight for what they think is fair and just, and guilds that stand for what they believe and fight for it against all odds regardless of numbers.

We do not claim to be righteous; we are but firm in our beliefs.

From the high councils of *Carnage, Coalescence, *Eternal Breakers, *Fatal Instinct, Godsmack and Roughnecks.

*Guilds joined after the release of this statement.

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